How To Draw A Donkey?

How do you draw a cute donkey?

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How do you draw a realistic donkey face?

Step 1: Start by drawing two tiny triangular eyes about half a centimeter apart. Step 2: Shade in the eyes. Step 3: Draw the top of head above both eyes shaped like a helmet. Add an oval around each eye for detail.

How do you draw a baby donkey?

Step 1: First, draw in the head and nose with ears on the sides of the head and hair for a mane. Step 2: Then draw in the eyes above the nose. Step 3: Next draw the front legs, hooves and belly. Step 4: Then draw in the back legs and back.

How do you draw a donkey in Shrek easy?

How to Draw Donkey from Shrek with Easy Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

  • Start with a pear shape with a large rectangular shape for his snout.
  • Add a large bean shape for his body.
  • Draw in thin front limbs.
  • Then draw tin rear limbs and a short tail.
  • Draw in his circular eyes.