How To Draw A Dog Face Step By Step?

How to Draw a Dog’s Face – An Easy & Fun Step by Step Guide

Giving your students a project that requires them to think BIG and fill up their entire sheet of paper, such as this close-up view of a dog’s face, will shake things up for them.

How do you draw a dog face step by step?


  1. Draw half of the head.
  2. Add a matching side.
  3. Draw the dog’s eyes, nose, and mouth, with extra circles for the highlights in the eyes.
  4. Add the tongue and face lines.
  5. Draw the two matching ears.
  6. Add scruffy fur on the cheeks.

Can a dog eat a lemon?

Should dogs eat lemons? Dogs can eat the flesh of lemons, but not in large quantities, as the fruit can cause digestive problems, and there are no good reasons for them to eat lemons.

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