How To Draw A Cow Face?

How do you draw a cow face step by step?

Step 1: Draw two small circular eyes and fill them in.

Step 2: Draw the head by drawing a “U” starting from the sides of both eyes.

Make it wider at the top and narrow at the bottom.

Step 3: Draw the nose by drawing a rectangle with rounded corners at the bottom of the head.

How do you draw a cow head Easy?

Step 1: To doodle a cow head, begin by drawing an elongated oval near the bottom of your page. Then inside this oval, draw two circle shapes that will become the nostrils of your cow’s nose. Then under this doodle an arc shape connecting to the nose area. Step 2: Draw another larger elongated oval for the cow’s head.

How do you make a baby cow face?

Step 1: First, draw the head with the horns and ears at the top. Step 2: Next you’ll draw the face with a line separating the eyes and nose. Step 3: Then draw in the front legs and chest. Step 4: Then you’ll draw the back and belly of the body, leaving a space for the back leg.

How do you draw a realistic cow easy?

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