How To Draw A Buffalo?

How do you draw a easy Buffalo?

Feel free to print the page to use as a step by step guide.

  • Step 1: Draw the beginning section of the Buffalo’s face.
  • Step 2: Sketch the upper body lines and add the Buffalo’s beard and lower neck.
  • Step 3: Add the beginning step to the Buffalo’s front legs and complete the first section of it’s rear leg.

18 May 2010

How do you draw a buffalo for kids?

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How do you draw a baby bison?

Step 1: Begin by drawing the head and face placing in the ears near the back of the head. Step 2: Draw in the front legs with lines across the bottom for the hooves. Step 3: Then draw in the belly and the back legs and hooves. Step 4: Draw in the back with fur around the neck of the body and the tail.

How do you draw a bull?

How to Draw a Bull for Kids

  1. The first thing we need to do is draw out the crescent shaped horns for the bull.
  2. Next, add the marking lines on at the base of each bull horn.
  3. The face and head is all set.
  4. You will finish up with drawing the bull.
  5. Erase your mistakes and draw the lines to form the hooves on each leg.