FAQ: How To Draw Smoke Coming Out Of A Mouth?

How To Draw Smoke Coming Out Of A Mouth

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How do you draw smoke out of a cigarette?

What is the proper way to smoke a cigarette?

  1. Draw slowly and steadily until vapor fills your mouth when inhaling from your electronic cigarette.

How do you color smoke drawings?

Apply a layer of white coloring over the smoke cloud, then color over it with gray, blending or smudging the colors into a smooth texture with your finger. Apply the gray over the white with side-to-side strokes, continuing to blend until you have the grayish-white tone that looks like smoke.

How do you make ghost smoke?

To perform a ghost inhale, first hold smoke in the cheeks to allow it to thicken, then open the mouth in a bubble shape, similar to that of a fish, gently blow out a smoke bubble, and quickly inhale it back in.

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