FAQ: How To Draw Roses Step By Step With Pencil?

How to Draw a Rose

Roses are popular flowers that are often used as a symbol of love; however, because they are made up of many layers of petals, they are difficult to draw. Follow this realistic rose drawing tutorial on our Envato Tuts YouTube channel.

What You Will Need

You’ll need a hard pencil (HB), a medium soft pencil (2B or slightly lower), and a soft pencil (5B or lower), as well as a sheet of paper and a pencil sharpener. Do you have everything you’ll need? If so, let’s get started on our rose pencil drawing.

Step 1

For maximum detail, use very light lines and no bright colors.

Step 3

1. Begin by drawing small petals inside the rose, then outside the flower.

Step 4

Draw an outline of the other petals and close those petals into a heart shape.

Step 6

Just one more heart for your rose bouquet… attached to the bud of your rose flower drawing

Step 7

Draw the heart shape in your rose sketch one more time, but this time make it less regular and more open; if you lead the lines connecting it to the bud correctly, they will create a depth effect.

Step 9

Make it out of small petals first, then larger ones, and then place the bud inside a rose flower-shaped “cup” of petals.

How do you draw a beautiful rose step by step?

Step-by-step instructions for drawing flowers

  1. Create layered circular outlines for where the petals will be.
  2. Then start adding the actual perals as shown in the photo below.
  3. Add petals to each layer.
  4. Add the bulb, stem, and leaves.
  5. Add thorns and any finishing touches.

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