FAQ: How To Draw Angel Wings On A Person?

How to Draw Angel Wings

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to draw angel wings on the back of a human. Because an angel has three pairs of limbs, you’ll need to learn a little about human and bird anatomy to draw realistic angel wings.

Bird Wing Anatomy

The clavicles in humans are fused into a spring-like structure called the furcula (or wishbone), whereas birds have a pectoral girdle, which is replaced by a special bone called the coracoid.

Winged Human Anatomy

To make room for the wing, the sternum is enlarged, with two layers of pectorals attached to it, and the human-clavicles reach lower and are more curved.

2. How to Draw the Anatomy of a Winged Human

If you want to draw an angel or a winged human, you’ll need to change their chest first; it’s not necessary, but it will add to the realism. For this exercise, I used a photo of a shirtless man as my model.

Step 1

Draw the basic rhythm of the wings as accurately as possible to get a sense of how the feathers should appear in the bird’s natural habitat, i.e. the body.

Step 3

Add the “finger,” which bends a little in the middle and can be used to achieve the desired pose.

Step 5

Start with the middle primary feather and work your way outwards, making the markings more spread out in the farther half of the bird’s body to make it look more like a finger.

Step 6

Start with point 9 and draw the longest primary feather to show how many feathers you can hold in your hand at once.

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How do you make Angel Heart Wings?


  1. Turn the large heart upside down.
  2. Take the two smaller hearts and face the pointy bits towards each other for wings.
  3. Tape wings to body.
  4. Use the circle cardboard for the head and tape to the wings.
  5. Turn the angel over.

How do you draw a heart with wings for beginners?

Step-by-Step Drawing Instructions in Writing

  1. (Step 1) Draw a sideways #3 shape. (Step 2) Then, below it, draw a letter ‘v’ shape to form a heart shape. (Step 3-6) Draw #3 shapes for wings. (Step 7) Finish off the smaller wings with a letter ‘U’ shape.

What does a winged heart mean?

The winged heart is a popular tattoo motif that is often etched with the name of a loved one, and it represents the heart’s desire to rise toward heaven, borrowing the ancient Egyptian’s association between wings and spiritual transformation and transcendence.

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