FAQ: How To Draw A Polar Bear Step By Step?

How to Draw a Polar Bear

Step 1: To form the polar bear’s body, draw two circles next to each other as guides. Step 2: To form the muzzle, draw an arc similar to the letter C next to the head as a guide. Step 3: To form the body, connect the major shapes with a series of curved lines.

What do polar bears eat?

Polar bears, unlike other bear species, are almost entirely carnivorous, eating mostly ringed seals but also bearded seals. They hunt seals by waiting for them to come to the surface of the sea ice to breathe.

How do you draw a Easy Tiger?


  1. Draw the round head and mouth.
  2. Add the nose line, eyes, and ears.
  3. Attach one front and one back leg.
  4. Draw the two remaining legs. Erase the gray lines.
  5. Add a nice, thick tail.
  6. Draw LOTS of triangles and stripes on the tail.

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