FAQ: How To Draw A Cute Skeleton?

How To Draw A Cartoon Skeleton Using Simple Shapes

A baby is born with around 300 bones, while adults have around 206. Lucy, the famous female skeleton discovered in Ethiopia, is three million years old. Some of a baby’s bones will fuse as they are born, but not all.

Step 1

This tutorial will teach you how to draw a cartoon skeleton, which consists of a skull (1), ribs (2), arms (3), fingers (5), and feet (8), and may help you improve your biology grades!

Step 2

The human body is made up of (around) 206 bones; we’ll try to keep about 10 of them to draw our skeleton, which is mostly made up of circles and ovals, with very thin arms and legs and a very thin vertebral column.

Step 4

How to draw a cartoon skeleton: Once again, you have the option of drawing a more realistic skeleton (4) or a humorous skeleton (1). Don’t be afraid to use your imagination and draw a skeleton with a large head (3) or long legs (2).

How do you draw a standing skeleton?


  1. Add cheeks, start neck and ribs.
  2. Finish the ribs and spine.
  3. Add the hips and start the arms.
  4. Add lower arm and hand shapes.
  5. Draw fingers on each.
  6. Draw two leg bones.

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