Quick Answer: How To Draw On Clip Studio Paint?

Making Your First Illustration in Clip Studio Paint “Clip Studio Paint Beginners Tutorial #1” by ClipStudioOfficial – CLIP STUDIO TIPS

This tutorial will walk you through the steps of creating an illustration in Clip Studio Paint. For more information on the basic operations of Clip Studio Paint, see Before Drawing a Work in Clip Studiospaint Ver. 1.10.

[1] Creating a canvas

Select [Illustration] from [Use of work], then [UXGA (1600×1200)] from [Preset], then [OK] to create the canvas. Refer to the TIPS below for more information on each palette on the screen.

[2] Creating layers

Layers are used in digital drawing software to create art; each layer acts as a transparent film on which you can paint lines and colors. Layers stack up in the order shown in the [Layer] palette; click this icon twice to add two layers.

[3] Drawing sketch lines

Select the [Pencil] tool from the [Tool] palette and use the [Eraser] tool to edit the lines you’ve drawn. When drawing detailed parts, adjust the zoom and position of the canvas to make it easier to draw. Please read the following TIPS to learn how to move and zoom the canvas. Change the line color to blue on the “sketch” layer.

[4] Drawing clean line art

Draw on top of the blue sketch with the [Pencil] tool; unlike when drawing on paper, the sketch does not need to be erased; instead, by using separate layers and hiding the sketch layer in Photoshop, you can automatically get rid of the sketch lines.

[5] Adding a paper texture

The [Paper] layer on the [Layer] palette is set to white by default, but you can change it to any color you want. Before painting the color, we’ll paint the canvas a cream color and add a texture to simulate traditional paper.

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[6] Coloring

The [Watercolor] tool will be used to paint the base color, and the [Pencil] tool will be used to fill in the details. The [Eraser] tool can also erase parts by simply changing the drawing color of the Watercolor tool to transparency.

[7] Changing the color of the line art

You can change the color of the line art after coloring it to create a more cohesive effect and make the lines blend in; in this case, we’ll change the lines from black to brown, which changes the color of the “line art” layer on the [Layer] palette.

[9] Saving your work

Select [Save] from the [File] menu, give your artwork a name, and save it somewhere; for Galaxy/Android/Chromebook and iPhone versions, it is saved in the [Clip Studio] app and displayed in [Manage works].

[10] Exporting the work as an image

Choose [Export (Single Layer)] from the [File] menu, then [Save]. The [PNG export setting] dialog box will appear; if you’re happy with the default settings, select [OK]. This exports the work as a PNG file.

Is there a pen tool in clip studio paint?

The [Pen] tool lets you draw lines of various thicknesses, similar to dip pens, or of uniform thickness, similar to felt-tip pens. The [Pen] tool comes with preconfigured settings called [Sub Tool], which you can change by clicking the buttons on the [Sub tool] palette.

Is clip studio paint good for drawing?

Clip Studio Paint is designed specifically for drawing and painting, making it ideal for illustrators. The painting brushes are highly customizable and simple to use, and the smoothness of the lines, lack of lag while drawing, and vector output make drawing a pleasurable and efficient experience.

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Can you draw vectors in clip studio paint?

In Clip Studio Paint, you can also use vector layers, which create dots called control points on lines and allow you to draw vector images. You can also edit control points and lines after they’ve been drawn.

Is clip studio paint better than Illustrator?

Illustrator is a powerful vector-based drawing program designed specifically for people involved in graphic design. Clip Studio Paint is an interactive digital painting program with which you will be able to create your own art projects, no matter how sophisticated or simple they may be.

Is clip studio paint free on Windows?

Clip Studio Paint updates are available for free; you can download the most recent version of Clip Studio Paint here, as well as the instruction manual, additional materials, and sample data.

Is Clip Studio Paint easier than Photoshop?

Clip Studio Paint is easier to use than Photoshop because it has more specific comic book artist tools.

Is Clip Studio Paint a one time buy?

*1 Only iPhone, Galaxy, and Android smartphone devices are available for smartphone plans (this plan cannot be used for tablet devices.) *2 The one-time purchase software can be installed on up to two computers (some conditions apply).

Is Clip Studio Paint better than Krita?

Final Verdict: Clip Studio Paint is far more powerful than Krita in terms of functionality, with many features that make it an easy to use, quick, and convenient paint application tool, as well as some great design options that can help you create amazing pictures.

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Which is better Clip Studio Paint pro or ex?

Clip Studio Paint EX has more features than Clip Studio Paint PRO, which is more affordable and ideal for single-page comics and illustrations. EX has all of the features of PRO plus additional features that are useful for multi-page projects.

Is Clip Studio Paint vector or raster?

In Clip Studio Paint, you’ll learn all about raster and vector layers, which make it easier to fill in color and apply filters and other effects, while vector layers make it easier to modify lineart.

Does Clip Studio Paint cost money?

Clip Studio Paint’s pricing starts at $0.99 per feature, per month, and there is no free version. They do, however, offer a free trial.

How do you fix the pen pressure on clip studio?


  1. Create a new canvas and choose [Pen Pressure Settings] from the [File] menu.
  2. Select [Adjust by multiple stroke] from the [Auto adjust pen pressure] menu.
  3. Pen pressure will be automatically adjusted as you draw lines repeatedly with the dialogue box displayed.

Does the Kamvas 13 work with clip studio paint?

Answer: Corel Paint should work with Kamvas Pro 13, as well as most art software such as PS, SAI, Painter, Illustrator, Clip Studio, Zbrush, Krita, Canvas, and others.

Does XP pen work with clip studio paint?

Get the latest tips and tricks on creating your own digital characters with XP-Pen Pen Displays and Pen Tablets and CLIP STUDIO PAINT software. One XP-Pen tablet will be given away to a lucky attendee.

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