Quick Answer: How To Draw A Dinosaur For Kids?

How to Draw a Dinosaur

This tutorial is for those who want to draw a dinosaur with all the sharp teeth and powerful claws, according to a 2008 study that found that sustained interest in dinosaurs can help children increase their knowledge and form deeper thought processing skills.


How to Draw a Dinosaur (for a free, easy-to-follow guide, click on the PDF).


Start by drawing a tilted bean shape with a tail attached at the bottom. Next, draw the teeth in the mouth, toenails, and two arms. Trace and color the surface of the dinosaur’s head with a marker.

How do you teach a child to draw?

Encourage children to draw with their eyes on the object they’re drawing by placing a square of paper on their pencil, above the spot where they grip it, so they can’t see the line they’re drawing. Have them draw practice lines first, then separate each part of the shape.

What is the name of a flying dinosaur?

Pterosaurs, or pterodactyls, are a group of extinct winged reptiles. There was a genus of pterosaurs called Pterodactylus, from which the word “pterodactyl” was derived, but not all pterosaurs belonged to this genus.

How do you draw a Parasaurolophus dinosaur?

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Draw the head and lower neck outline.
  2. Draw one eye with the pupil and a dot for the nostril.
  3. Sketch the hollow, bony crest on the Parasaurolophus’s head.
  4. Draw the near front hand with pointy fingers.

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