Question: How To Draw A Skull With Flames?

How to Draw a Flaming Skull

Motorcycle clubs, heavy metal musical groups, and other cultural subsets use skulls – especially those on fire – to represent rebellion, separateness, or aloofness. All you’ll need is a pencil, a sheet of paper, and a good eraser.

Step by Step Instructions for Drawing a​ ​​Flaming Skull

Draw the flames (or hair, if you prefer) using a series of connected, curved lines that meet in rounded and jagged points. Combine this tutorial with an electric guitar to make heavy metal magic.

What is the skull?

The skull is a bone structure that supports the structures of the face and provides a protective cavity for the brain in vertebrates. It is made up of two parts: the cranium and the mandible, which are both part of the facial skeleton in humans.

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