Often asked: How To Draw Frills On A Dress?

How to draw a frilly dress with a full skirt and puffy sleeves!

Martina Mortinfamia is a comic artist and digital illustrator, and today we’ll be making a dress with all of these elements, as well as learning how to draw them quickly. I used Clip Studio Paint for this tutorial because it’s the software I prefer to use.

How to Draw a Basic Frill

We need to sketch a few folds in the flattest parts of the fabric to make them look prettier and more realistic; this is the foundation for every ruche, pleat, or gather, and the same steps can be applied to frills as well.

 Dress your character

How do you draw a real outfit? First, we must draft our character. Sketching the pose we want makes it easier to accurately draw the physics of the fabric. Remember that the wavy line of the sleeve’s folds should go around the arm. I strongly suggest you browse the internet for inspiration.
I decided which way the light will hit my character, and then drew the shadows on the other side of her body. Shading theory is fascinating, and useful for creating credible illustrations. The final touches I give to my drawings are line art coloring and lighting. I don’t like my line art to be black and white.

How do you make a frilly dress?

Step 3d: Pin the two short ends together and stitch the ruffle to the top of the dress with a straight stitch. Press up the ruffle’s hem and stitch in place with a straight stitch. Flip up the ruffle and measure from the seam down to where you’d like to sew the next ruffle.

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How do you put ruffles on the bottom of a dress?

Cut a strip or strips of fabric to sew together to make the length you need for the desired amount of ruffle, plus 1 inch for seam allowances, then cut the strip and sew it into a loop, right sides together, matching short ends.

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