Often asked: How To Draw A Wolf Face Easy?

How to Draw a Wolf Face & Head Step by Step

This tutorial will show you how to draw a wolf’s face and head from the front view, with detailed line drawing examples for each step. If you’re drawing on paper, it’s a good idea to start with very light pencil lines for the initial construction parts of the drawing.

Step 1 – Make a Construction Line Drawing of the Wolf’s Head

Starting with the basic shape and proportions of the wolf’s head, draw a wolf’s face step by step.

Step 2 – Place the Facial Features

Place the eyes slightly overlapping the horizontal line from the first step, and use the same line to help you make sure both eyes are on the same level. From above the u201ceyelids,u201d transition these into two u201cwave likeu201d lines that go to the outer sides of the head. These will be used later to help draw some of the wolfu2019s femurs.

Step 3 – Refine the Shape of the Face & Add the Details

Replace some of the straight construction lines with more organic curves that better define the shape of the wolf’s head, such as the inner sides of the ears, the upper part of the snout, the mouth, and the bottom of the head. Wolf face details drawing Now draw some of the smaller details of the wolf’s face.

Eye Details

Draw the eyes and surrounding details as shown above, including the pupils inside the eyes, a small set of circles for highlights (light reflections), and a pair of lines near the upper halves of the irises to indicate the area that will be shaded later.

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Nose Details

Add the nostrils as shown above for the nose, as well as a hint of the “split” line that wolves have in the middle of their noses, and a tiny area for the highlights to leave white when shading.

Mouth Details

Draw the sides of the wolf’s mouth slightly protruding from the sides of the snout, as shown above, and a hint of the wolf’s bottom lip rising above the bottom of the lower jaw.

Step 4 – Finish the Facial Features

Now shade the wolf’s facial features as shown above (or simply fill them in with a black or dark color). If drawing on paper, it’s a good idea to start with a pen or a marker at this stage of the drawing process, as this will allow you to easily erase the construction lines without affecting the parts of the drawing that you actually want to keep.

Step 5 – Draw the Fur for the Inner Area of the Face

Add some fur patterns to the inner part of the wolf’s face in this step. If you’re going to draw the clumps with pencil over top of the construction lines, you may need to erase the construction lines a small section at a time and then add in the clumps. Alternatively, you can lighten the entire line with an erase to the point where it’s barely visible so that the clumps are barely visible.

Step 6 – Draw the Fur Around and Inside the Ears

Draw the fur for the outer parts of the ears with very small strokes, forming a set of very small fur clumps, while the inner parts of the ears should be drawn with much longer lines and larger clumps.

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Step 7 – Draw the Fur Around the Head

Finally, draw the last set of fur clumps that will eventually define the outer shape of the wolf’s face. These can be divided into three sections: one is the area between the ears at the top of the head, the second is the area at the bottom of the ears, and the third is the area running down from the bottom of the ears and meeting at the bottom of the face.

Step 8 – Clean up the Drawing

If you’ve been drawing with pencil and still need to clean up/lighten some of the construction lines, a kneaded that you can mod into various shapes and use to get in between the fur clumps may be a good idea.

Step 9 – Add the Whiskers & Finish the Drawing

To finish the drawing, draw the wolf’s whiskers, which are typically short and thin in comparison to other animals like cats. Draw them with a few curved lines around the bottom outer sides of the snout. Once you’re done, you should have a finished line drawing of the wolf’s head.


This tutorial demonstrates how you can use lines and very minimal shading to create a fairly realistic looking animal. While drawing the fur strokes can be time consuming, you will end up with a much nicer looking drawing than if you were to draw with just outlines.

How do you draw a wolf face for kids?

What is the best way to draw a wolf face?

  1. Step 1: Create a construction line drawing of the Wolf’s Head. Step 2: Position the Facial Features. Step 3: Fine-tune the Face’s Shape.
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What is a GREY wolf’s diet?

Wolves are carnivores, meaning they prefer large hoofed mammals like deer, elk, bison, and moose, as well as smaller mammals like beavers, rodents, and hares.

How do you trace a wolf?

Where to Look for Wolves

  1. If they come closer than 91 meters (300 feet), wave your arms and make noise to show your dominance
  2. don’t turn your back on them.

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