Often asked: How To Draw A Santa Hat Step By Step?

How to Draw a Santa Hat Step by Step

This tutorial demonstrates how to draw a Santa hat in six simple steps, with easy drawing examples and step-by-step instructions. Please note that while this is a fairly simple tutorial, drawing the small details of the fluff around the bottom and pom-poms may take some time.

Step 1 – Draw the Bottom of the Hat

Start at the bottom and work your way up; make it slightly curved and place it at the bottom of the page/drawing area so that the taller portion above it has enough room.

Step 2 – Draw the Top of the Hat

The top portion is essentially a cone that is bent in half and the other half hangs downwards.

Step 3 – Add the Pom Pom

Draw a basic outline of the Santa hat, with a circle for the pom pom at the tip. You can leave the line drawing at this stage if you want to keep it simple, or move on to the next step if you want a more interesting hat.

Step 4 – Add the Fluff of the Pom Pom

Draw some tiny fur-like clumps around the pom pom to make it look fluffy. To keep the fluff looking natural, make each clump slightly different in size and length. You can draw each clump with just two lines, making each line either a wave or a curve-like shape.

Step 5 – Add the Fluff of the Bottom & Finish the Line Drawing

To make a Santa hat line drawing, start by adding fluff to the top part of the pom pom, then add the lines around it, and then go over your drawing with a black pen or marker (or darker pencil lines) once it’s finished.

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Step 6 – Color the Hat

Keep the fluff white and fill the rest of the hat with red; there’s not much to it when it comes to coloring the Santa hat, but a little color can go a long way.


The main challenge is to add the small details of the fluff to make it look more Christmassy and festive; for more similar tutorials, see:

How do you draw a easy Santa hat?

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Draw Santa Hats

  1. Draw a capital letter ‘D’ shape.
  2. Draw a second capital letter ‘D’ shape on a slant.
  3. Use the shapes you drew as a guideline to draw the Santa hat.
  4. Draw the right and left sides of the hat using the guidelines (blue lines).

How do you make a Santa hat for kids?


  1. 1Make a half-circle. On red construction paper, draw and cut out a half-circle with a radius of 9-10 inches (diameter 18-20 inches).
  2. 2Form the half-circle into a cone.
  3. 3Glue cotton at the base. Glue cotton all around the base of the cone.
  4. 4Glue cotton at the tip.

What are Santa hats made of?

Traditional Santa hats are made of velvet or faux fur, but you can also make them out of paper, or even a mini Santa hat headband!

How do you make an origami Santa hat?

Origami Santa Hat

  1. Fold the paper into a triangle by lining up the bottom and top tips.
  2. Open the paper up and you should see a crease in the center.
  3. Now, fold the two sides to meet the crease in the center like this:
  4. Flip the paper over and you should see this:
  5. Now, fold along line AB:
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Is Kris Kringle Santa Claus?

Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas or Kris Kringle, has a long and storied history rooted in Christmas customs.

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