Often asked: How To Draw A Dutch Angel Dragon?

Dutch Angel Dragon Art Tutorial

I made this tutorial in response to a request from lokiplayz for a tutorial on how to draw Dutch angel dragons, and I used Sora as the model dragon because she’s my fursona. start with a simple circle, and use guidelines to help position the eyes and muzzle.

Are Dutch Angel Dragons a closed species?

Deanna Biesemeyer/Ino is the creator of the first (Dutch) Angel Dragon character: Telephone. Dutch Angel Dragons, or simply “Angel Dragons,” are an open and regulated species developed by and copyrighted to Deanna Biesemeyer/Ino.

What is a Dutch Angel Dragon?

Each dragon can be remarkably different from one another, but there are many traits (phenotypes) that are shared by all members of the species. Dutch Angel Dragons are a unique species of dragon with an anatomy very similar to that of Terra’s horses.

Can Dutch Angel Dragons have horns?

Physical Appearance Compared to average furries, Dutch Angel Dragons have large ears, a long tail, and varying-sized wings, as well as horns in various spots and sizes on their heads.

Why are they called Dutch Angel Dragons?

Dutch Angel Dragons are described as angelic dragons, a concept that exists outside of the species. The name “Dutch” does not refer to the Netherlands in any way; rather, it is the name of the creator’s late horse, which served as inspiration for the species and was named after it.

How tall is a Dutch Angel Dragon?

Dutch Angel Dragons are a flying furry species that grow to be around 7-8 feet tall.

Can Dutch Angel dragons have short tails?

These dragons can have a variety of tails, but the majority have long, furry tails with feathers or manes at the tip to aid in batting away pesky bugs or for flying, and some have short docked tails that were either born with or torn off in a fight.

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Do dragons count as furries?

Although not all dragons have scales or are entirely reptilian, they are generally classified as scalie or herp within the furry fandom, and the dragon has become one of the most popular phenotypes of furries due to its diversity and adaptability to anthropomorphic characterization.

What do Dutch Angel Dragons sound like?

Although most Dutch Angel Dragons walk on all four legs, those that are attached to a human have been observed attempting to walk upright on two hind legs in an attempt to imitate a human. Dutch Angel Dragons do not have a natural or universal sound; instead, they imitate other animals such as birds, dogs, and cats, as well as objects such as bells, cars, and trains.

Do Dutch Angel Dragons have eyes?

Dutch Angel Dragons have a horse-like skull but lack the closed, circular orbit of equines, instead opting for full-color, forward-facing eyes completed by the orbital ligament, with facial horns appearing as bony protrusions from the skull itself.

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