How To Draw With A Fountain Pen?

Fountain Pen Sketching Part 2: Why draw with a fountain pen?

Part 2 of my series on Fountain Pen Sketching (click here for Part 1), which focuses on fountain pen usage as it relates to ink and wash sketching. I’d like to look at three questions: what are the benefits and drawbacks of using fountain pens for sketching?

1. Why use fountain pens for sketching?

Fineliners are drier, which means their lines will dry and become permanent faster, reducing the risk of smudging while drawing or smearing when applying paint. An expanded range of coloured permanent pigmented ink for fountain pens has been an exciting new development. Ink and watercolor sketching is something I do a lot with my teacups. The lines are lively!

What are negatives of using fountain pens for sketching?

When we look at basic pens, Part 5 is a recommendation. Some people want a detailed answer to a specific question based on your own experience, while others just want to be told what to buy in order to start using a fountain pen.

What makes a good fountain pen for sketching?

Writing involves a rhythmical movement of up-and-down with a few loops, and I find it easy to vary my pressure when I write, creating heavier down-strokes and lighter upstrokes. Having a white pen makes it easy to see if I’ve left it on the ground or in a dark cafe, and they can also get a bit of rough treatment in our sketching kits.

Is fountain pen good for drawing?

You can draw with any pen, but fountain pens have a few advantages over other types of pens, the most notable of which is that you get to use your own inks and thus have almost unlimited color options, as well as the ability to use waterproof inks to create mixed media art.

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How do you use a fountain pen step by step?

Gently press the pen into the paper and practice writing with the fountain pen, using light strokes to avoid damaging the nib and disrupting the ink flow. Writing with your hand rather than your fingers will also help you avoid applying too much pressure.

Do artists use fountain pens?

We love seeing the incredible art people create with fountain pens; it’s truly amazing what people can achieve with just a blank piece of paper and a pen. Here, we’ve gathered 12 artists who use pens to create art and asked them why they think fountain pens are such a great tool.

Which pen is best for sketching?

Right now, the best pens for artists are

  1. The best pen for drawing is the Copic 1.0mm Multiliner.
  2. Pentel Brush Pen.
  3. Pilot V7 Rollerball.
  4. Pilot BPS-GP Fine Ballpoint.
  5. MoMa MUJI gel ink pen.
  6. Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen.
  7. Platinum Carbon Pen DP-800S Extra Fine.
  8. Sakura Pigma Graphic 1.

Is writing with a fountain pen better?

You can also achieve a more unique writing style by adapting your choice of nib, hold, and angle of the pen (solid gold nibs actually adapt to your writing style). Ink from a fountain pen glides effortlessly over the surface of the page, meaning glorious strokes and less pressure on the paper.

What is the smoothest writing fountain pen?

Fountain pens are known for being the smoothest writing instruments, and the Lamy Safari is no exception.

Is a fountain pen good for everyday use?

Fountain pens are good for everyday use for most people if you get the right one for your needs; they write more ergonomically and are more durable and versatile than other pens. However, there are some caveats to fountain pen use, and you may want to stick with your ballpoint in some situations.

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Do you store fountain pens up or down?

If you aren’t going to use your pen for a long time, clean and empty it before storing it, and store it vertically (in a cup) with the nib pointing up to prevent ink from settling in and clogging the feed.

What should I look for when buying a fountain pen?

The size of the nib’s tip, which can range from extra fine to bold on most standard fountain pens, is one of the first decisions you’ll have to make when purchasing a fountain pen. The tip of the nib will determine how much ink is released, as well as the thickness of the lines you’ll write.

What is the most expensive fountain pen?

We take a look at four of the world’s most expensive – and coveted – fountain pens from Montblanc, Dunhill-Namiki, Caran D’Ache, and Aurora, with Aurora’s La Diamante being the most expensive pen in the world at more than US$1.3 million.

Can you use drawing ink in a fountain pen?

Inks that are not clearly labeled as suitable for fountain pen use, such as India ink and other artists or drawing inks, should always be avoided.

Can you draw with a calligraphy pen?

Apply just enough pressure to the paper to bring the ink from the nib as you begin to draw, turning your wrist left or right as needed to draw your letters.

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