How To Draw Stick Figures In Action?

How To Draw Stick Figures That Express Verbs

Stick figures, despite their abstract nature, are a powerful addition to your visual notes; let’s look at why and how you can use them in your sketchnoting process.

Why Use Stick Figures In Your Notes?

Stick figures are characters in snapshot stories that you can tell in your notes; we see ourselves and others in stick figures, and the drawing of human beings allows the viewer to enter the story because they can see themselves in it.

How To Draw Stick Figures, Step By Step

Step 4: Draw the subject’s head and torso as an oval or a single straight or curved line, and then the arms in one or two lines (this time paying attention to the elbow), and then the hands as circles or ovals.

Examples & Prompts

Draw stick figures standing, walking, power walking, running, stretching, talking, and thinking. Now it’s your turn to put pen to paper and see if you can draw stick figures jumping, swimming, climbing, and dancing.

Free Sketchnoting Guide

The Verbal To Visual Notebook is a 100% hand-drawn notebook with prompts to encourage you to put pen to paper and start sketching out ideas.

How do you draw people easily?

Drawing a person may appear difficult, but it’s actually a simple process if you approach it methodically. The easiest way to draw people is with the ‘Ball-and-Socket’ technique, which involves sketching several conjoined ovals to form the human figure’s body parts and drafting the figure’s pose.

What is nature drawing?

Drawing from natural objects, both living and nonliving, such as birds, the sea, wild life, plants, and fruits, as well as the sky, water, and land formations, is known as nature drawing.

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