How To Draw Roses Step By Step?

How to Draw a Rose : Step by Step for Beginners – JeyRam Spiritual Art

I can’t wait to share this step-by-step tutorial on how to draw flowers. The first step is to draw a circle that is wider than it is tall, like a cute little puddle. Here’s a video version if you want to see it drawn in real time.

Step 2. Add a line to the Left Side

Drawing petals with dimension can be difficult at first, but with practice, it becomes very simple and enjoyable. Did you notice how I divided the petal into two lines (in red) and one curving line (in purple)? This is the key to drawing petals with dimension.
The petals grow from the core, so these lines will move away from the central region. If you’re drawing a flower, I prefer minimal lines that describe the form.

How do you color roses?


  1. Pick some of the leaves off your roses.
  2. Trim each stem to about 10u2032u2032 long.
  3. If you want rainbow roses, split the stem open in 3u2032u2032 long sections with the razor knife.
  4. Pour water into your water cups, then add food coloring.
  5. Place the cups next to each other.

What is the flower of beauty?

The calla lily is a flower that represents magnificence, beauty, purity, and innocence, which is why it is frequently used in wedding bouquets.

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