How To Draw Flames On A Car?

Tips on how to draw flames on a car easily.

Draw the design in the best way that impresses you. Outline the outline with 3-quarter inch tape and 1/8 inch line tap. If you are sanding a flame design on a car, you might want it to have a matte finish. This can be achieved by sanding harder on the tips but reducing the grit on the rest of the car.

How do you draw flames with pencils?

1. How to Draw a Flame from a Candle

  1. Using the hard pencil, sketch a candle.
  2. Draw the outline of the flame.
  3. Add some space on the sidesu2014this will be the glow around the flame.
  4. Tilt your pencil and draw all around the candle and the flame.
  5. Use your blending tool to smooth out the area.

How do you make colored flames?

How to Make Fire Look Different

  1. Dissolve the colorants in alcohol and soak logs in the liquid.
  2. Dissolve the colorants in water and soak pinecones, rolled newspapers, sawdust, or cork in the liquid, then allow the fuel to dry before adding it to a fire for a pop of color.

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