How To Draw A T Rex Step By Step?

How to Draw a T-Rex

T-Rex Coloring Tutorial (Step-by-Step). There’s no limit to what kind of background they can give their dinosaur: a bumpy placemat or green and brown crayons could make a very unique kind of skin.


Using a black marker, black pencils, and crayons, draw a T-Rex.


Start by drawing an oval shape and adding the outline of the head, arms, and legs. Trace with marker and color on the surface of the dinosaur’s head and body. Use coloured pencils to draw the outline and details of the animal’s body.

Student Art

Castle’s T-Rex drawing at the age of eight. Karthik Kumar, Grade 2, Bangalore, India.

How do you draw a dinosaur head?


  1. Make guidelines and draw a curve as shown.
  2. Continue the line to draw the nose.
  3. Continue the line to draw the mouth.
  4. Add the chin below.
  5. Add the top and bottom row of teeth.
  6. Finish the body and mouth lines.
  7. Draw the eye.

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