How To Draw A Pokemon Step By Step?

How to Draw Pokémon

I’ll show you how to draw Butterfree, Pikachu, and Charizard in this tutorial.

What You Will Need

If you’re drawing digitally, you’ll need two layers of paper and an ink-like tool; if you’re drawing traditionally, you’ll need a pencil for the guide lines and a darker pencil for the final lines. Always sketch lightly, without pressing too hard on the paper!

Step 1

Make two squares, one on top of the other.

Step 3

Using your hands as inspiration, draw the diagonals of the squares on the map below.

Step 4

For each of the nine points on the map, draw a vertical middle line across the diagonals.

Step 5

Draw two horizontal lines through the middle of both squares.

Step 8

Draw two circles in the space between the two circles, as if they are grasping something that has fallen from the sky.

Step 12

All of the facial features will be contained within a rectangular area, similar to how your face would appear on a computer screen.

Step 15

Make the eyes in the upper corners of the rectangle, not perfectly circularu2014slightly tilted ovals look cuter!

Step 18

To make a base for the ears, draw two small circles on the top of the head.

Step 19

Draw the length of the ears… and the thickness of the ears.

Step 20

Make a rough sketch of the tail’s basic shape.

Step 21

Draw horizontal lines that are roughly parallel to the vertical ones, with one long line at the tip.

Step 22

To the horizontal lines, add tapering lines.

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Step 23

Now that the sketch is complete, go ahead and outline the final lines with a darker tool.

Step 24

Make the outline thicker to make the illustration less flat.

Step 1

The torso of our Butterfree will be a “fat teardrop” that is slightly tilted.

Step 2

To the torso, add a large, circular head.

Step 3

For the legs, draw two elongated ellipses, the one on the right being longer.

Step 4

Now that the main body is roughly defined, let’s add the wings: first sketch their curve… then draw a teardrop shape around it.

Step 5

Draw the remaining wings in the same manner.

Step 6

But Butterfree only has two pairs of wings, right? That’s rightu2014to create the final shape of the upper wings, connect two upper pairs.

Step 7

Now that we’ve established the main silhouette, we can focus on the details. Draw two tilted ovals for the eyes.

Step 8

The hands will be two small circles on the torso.

Step 9

To make the fingers, draw zigzags across the circles.

Step 10

Make a circle where you want the mouth to be.

Step 11

To make a smile, cut it with a curve.

Step 13

On the head, draw the long antennae.

Step 14

To make the eyes more detailed, draw ovals inside them.

Step 16

Now that our sketch is complete, go ahead and outline Butterfree with a darker tool.

Step 17

Dark tones can be used in some areas to create a nice contrast.

Step 18

Make the main outline thicker to make the drawing more interesting without colors.

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Step 1

Draw a circle to represent our Charizard’s lower body.

Step 2

Make a snowman and top it with a smaller circle.

Step 3

Place a second circle on top of the first, this time with a “neck” in the middle.

Step 4

The thighs should be attached to the bottom of the largest circle.

Step 5

Draw a line under the thighs to represent the ground.

Step 7

Connect the torso to the circular shoulders.

Step 8

Make a rough sketch of the arms’ basic shape.

Step 9

For the elbows and hands, draw circles.

Step 10

Each hand should have three circles, which will be the fingers.

Step 12

Draw a line across the head, paying attention to its roundness.

Step 15

Draw circles along the tail to give it a proper thicknessu2014first a large one, then smaller and smaller.

Step 16

Now it’s time to add the finishing touches to the face. To make the front of the muzzle, draw a flat heart.

Step 26

To better see the thickness you’ll need to outline, draw additional circles in the wings, legs, and feet.

Step 28

Now that the sketch is complete, go ahead and outline your Charizard with a darker tool.

Step 29

Remember to make the main outline thicker to make the image more interesting.

Good Job!

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