How To Draw A Perfect Circle (2009)?

How to Draw a Perfect Circle

Como Desenhar um Cu00edrculo Perfeito (Portuguese: Como Desenhar um Cu00edrculo Perfeito) is a 2009 Portuguese drama film about a young man named Guilherme and his sister Sofia, who grow up sharing experiences.


Guilherme (Rafael Morais) and his sister, Sofia (Joana de Verona), live in their grandmother’s mansion, and Sofia promised him that when she was ready, he would have the dubious privilege of taking her virginity. The randy young man is reduced to self-gratification after spying his father having sex with a prostitute.


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How do you draw a perfect circle IMDB 2009?

Guilherme and Sofia, brother and sister, grow up sharing experiences and gradually discovering their sexuality, but Sofia has no idea how far Guilherme will go to keep her inside.

Can you ever draw a perfect circle?

Drawing a perfect circle by hand is impossible because the human brain lacks the precision and resources to draw an ever curving circle by hand. Perfect circles will remain a mathematical concept only possible as an idea until someone discovers the exact value of.

Can psychopaths draw perfect circles?

Contrary to popular belief, the ability to draw a perfect or nearly perfect circle freehand does not indicate insanity or sociopathy; however, this near-supernatural act has evolved into a sign of insanity or psychopathy over time.

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Who could draw a perfect circle?

The Pope wanted to hire a fresco artist, so he sent a messenger to Giotto, who requested a competitive sample drawing. Using only paper and a pen, Giotto drew a perfect circle.

How do you draw a perfect circle summary?

Hold a pencil-point at the angle where the two straight-edges meet, and the pencil will draw an arc between the three points as you slide the two straight-edges along these two nails.

Why is drawing circles so hard?

“The brain doesn’t have enough resources to focus on corrections of movement and do cognitive tasks at the same time,” Natalia Dounskaia, a kinesiology professor at Arizona State University, told Nuwer. “The circle is one of the hardest shapes to control.”

What is the hardest thing to draw in the world?

The Top 10 Difficult Things To Draw

  • Horses.
  • Vehicles.
  • Skulls.
  • Alligators.
  • Hands.
  • Faces.
  • Hair.
  • The Other Eye.

What’s the hardest shape to draw?

u201cThe circle is one of the most difficult shapes to control,u201d Natalia Dounskaia, an Arizona State University kinesiology professor, told Nuwer.

Can you draw a perfect triangle?

An equilateral triangle has three congruent sides and three congruent angles, each measuring 60 degrees; however, if you don’t have a compass, you can draw the triangle by measuring each side carefully with a ruler instead of using the circle guide.

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