How To Draw A Bubble Letter E?

How to Draw the Letter E in Bubble Letter Graffiti

Bubble letters are graffiti-style art that allow the reader to recognize a letter while making it puffy and bubbly. This capital bubble letter tutorial is so simple that kids of all ages can participate in the bubble letter fun.

Capital E Bubble Letter

This article contains affiliate links, which may lead to some affiliate links. Print out the 2 page bubble letter tutorial so you can follow along and make your own bubble letter or even trace the example.

Supplies Needed for Drawing a Bubble Letter E

We’ve turned the two-page printable bubble letter instruction sheets into coloring pages, so you can start by coloring the steps and then try it on your own if you’d like!

Printable Bubble Letter E Instructions

What’s the best way to make your own bubble letters?

Step 3

Between the first two lines, draw another oval and follow the line with your eyes!

Step 4

How do you get rid of the ovals on your face’s left side?

Alphabet Learning Wrap-Up

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