FAQ: How To Measure Compound Bow Draw Length?

Compound Bow Fitment Guide

Compound bows are designed to draw back a certain distance and then stop, which is controlled by the bow’s mechanical systems. The mechanical setting of the bow and the physical size of the shooter must match. Most modern compounds require less than 20 lb. of pressure to hold back at full draw.
The longer your draw length, the longer your bow’s powerstroke will be. The AMO/ATA specs for measuring draw length refer to the actual bowstring at its nocking point.
A good rule of thumb is to select a draw weight that requires about 75% of your “maximum” strength. If your bow is too heavy to draw back, and you can only shoot a few times before becoming fatigued, you’ll be less likely to practice and improve your game. Industry standards require at least 5 grains of arrow mass per pound of draw weight.

How do you determine arrow length for a compound bow?

Your draw length and arrow spine will influence your arrow length. For example, if you have a 28-inch draw length and want an arrow that ends at the front of the riser, your arrow length would be around 27 inches.

What length arrows for 28.5 draw?

I recall some bows getting a little more aggressive with WRT draw lengths to pad the FPS stats, like a 28.5″ draw length with a 29″ or 29.5″ arrow.

Can you adjust draw length without a bow press?

You can change the draw length without using a bow press on most bows, but if the cables rest on the mod, you’ll need a bow press. Simply loosen the screws on the current mod and attach the new mod to change the draw length.

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How do you size a bow?

Spread your arms outward from your side, palms facing forward, and have a friend measure your wingspan from the tips of your middle fingers. Divide this number by 2.5 and you should be close to your actual draw length.

Is 70 lb draw too much?

A bow with a peak weight of 70 pounds and an 80% let-off, for example, should have a holding weight of around 14 pounds. Being able to hold a bow at full draw for 30 seconds is great, but if you’re shaking, struggling, and exhausted at the end of that time, you won’t be able to make an ethical shot.

How long should my arrows be if I have a 26 inch draw length?

If you’re shooting with a bow that has a draw length of 26 inches, the correct arrow length is 25 inches.

What does 400 mean on an arrow?

The numbers refer to the stiffness of the arrow’s spine; a 400 spine arrow is for bows weighing 40-60 pounds, a 350 spine arrow is for bows weighing 55-75 pounds, and a 500 spine arrow is for bows weighing 30-50 pounds.

How long should my arrows be for a 27 inch draw?

The weight is suspended from the center of the arrow, which must be 29″ long and supported by two 28″ apart points.

What size do I cut my arrows?

At full draw, arrows should be 1.5″ to 2″ beyond the back of the riser.

How long should I cut my arrows length?

The best way to figure out how long you want your arrows to be is to nock a full-length, uncut arrow and pull it back.

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Can an arrow be too long?

No, you can’t have an arrow that’s too long; it can be 6′ if you want; all you need is the proper spine, tip weight to achieve proper FOC (forward of center–AKA balance), and proper fletching. will a longer arrow take longer to recover?

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