FAQ: How To Make A Draw My Life Video?

How to Make a Draw My Life Video

Start a document, either on physical pieces of paper or digitally on your computer, to store all of your information for future generations to look back on, and include any and all notable events in your life.
Interview your family and friends about who you are and how you came to be. Reflect on your life and try to recall memorable moments. Write all of the information you have gathered down in a cohesive document for future reference. It is easier to visualize if all of your information is contained in one area.
Set up your camera above the whiteboard and capture the entire board within the frame if you’re using a camera and a whiteboard to record your drawings. If you don’t have a camera but do have a phone capable of recording video, you can still make a “Draw My Life” video. Use editing software like iMovie or others to speed up the video and cut out any scenes you don’t feel comfortable with.

How do you make a draw my life video without a tripod?

If you don’t have a camera or tripod, but do have a phone that can record video, you can still make a “Draw My Life” video by placing your phone on a table and placing your whiteboard beneath the table, within the frame of the camera.

What is a draw my life video?

Draw My Life is a type of Internet video in which the author narrates their life story while drawing illustrations on a whiteboard of key figures and events in their life in slow motion.

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When was draw my life popular?

Draw My Life, a video trend started by BriBryOnTour in September 2011 in which YouTubers draw and narrate their lives, has taken YouTube by storm since its inception, and the series has even been parodied by Bad Teeth, indicating that the phenomenon may be on its way out.

Who is draw my story?

Siren Head Draw My Life is the story of one of the most terrifying urban legends, Siren Head, created by horror artist “Trevor Henderson.” The mysterious creature Siren Head is well known for his odd and crippled appearance, standing 40 feet tall and covered in mummified flesh with a rusty metal color.

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Drawing a Knife: Step-by-Step Instructions

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  2. Draw a wavy line extending from the handle, continuing one of the previous lines.
  3. Enclose a rounded hexagonal shape at the end of the handle.

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