FAQ: How To Draw A Tree In Illustrator?

How to draw a tree: A step-by-step tutorial

There are over three trillion trees on the planet, each with its own personality and appearance; you might be surprised at how simple it is to draw a tree; give it a try and see!

Six steps for a realistic tree drawing.

Artist and illustrator Spencer Nugent demonstrates how to draw a deciduous tree. Sketch the basic structure first, then fill in the branches with foliage and leaves. “Incorporate a jitter or some undulations to your lines to give your tree a bit more of a natural feel,” says Nugent.

How do you make a foliage in Illustrator?

Keep the leaf shape selected in the Tool panel and click Draw Inside at the bottom of the panel (or press Shift-D to switch modes). A dashed frame will appear around the object, indicating that you can draw inside of it. Select a light-blue Stroke color in the Color panel with the Pencil Tool (N).

How do you make realistic vector leaves in Illustrator?

Change the colors of the radial gradient of the new fill to green (R = 37, G = 138, B = 0) for the left slider and green (R = 81, G = 173, B = 4) for the right slider by opening the Appearance panel (Window > Appearance) and clicking the Add New Fill button in the bottom part of the panel.

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