FAQ: How To Draw A Fireplace With Stockings?

How to Draw a Fireplace

The logs and flame are framed by a brick opening and surrounded by a tall and elegant mantel, which is the perfect place to add stockings and an old clock if the holidays are being celebrated.


Draw the floor and rectangles, then add the brick opening, the rack, and the first log. Add more logs and flames, then trace with marker and color. Decorate with holly and berries. Time required: 40 minutes.

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What makes a fireplace draw well?

A good rule of thumb is that the fireplace opening be no more than 10-12x the area of the flue for 36u201d and larger boxes. For metal chimney systems, we recommend at least a 14u201d flue for 36u201d and larger boxes.

What is a chimney made of?

A chimney is a masonry, clay, or metal architectural ventilation structure that separates hot toxic exhaust gases or smoke from human living areas produced by a boiler, stove, furnace, incinerator, or fireplace.

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