FAQ: How To Draw A Bubble Letter R?

How to Draw the Letter R in Bubble Letter Graffiti

Bubble letters are graffiti-style art that allow the reader to recognize a letter while making it puffy and bubbly. This capital bubble letter tutorial is so simple that kids of all ages can participate in the bubble letter fun.

Capital R Bubble Letter

This article contains affiliate links. Step-by-step instructions on how to make a bubble letter with a capital letter R. Print out the 2 page bubble letter tutorial PDF so you can follow along while making your own bubble letter or even tracing the example if necessary.

 Supplies Needed for Drawing a Bubble Letter R

We’ve turned the two-page printable bubble letter instruction sheets into coloring pages, so you can start by coloring the steps and then try it on your own if you’d like!

Step 3

Repeat the process for each new person you add by drawing another circle directly in front of the first.

Step 5

If you’re having trouble with the letters, make a half-circle in the middle of the oval and then press down on the ‘R’ to make it look like a bubble.

 Download & Print pdf for Bubble Letter R Instructions:

How to Draw the Letter ‘R’ in a Bubble.

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Where is the R located?

The letter ‘R’ can be found in the factory’s northeast corner, right next to the eastern pool (with its healing, radioactive waters); simply interact with the letter ‘R’ and presto!

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