Readers ask: How To Draw Metal With Colored Pencils?

How to Draw Metal With Colored Pencil

You’ll need a good quality paper for this tutorial, as cheap sketch paper won’t hold enough layers of pencil for a good finish, as well as a selection of colored pencils, a colorless blender if you have one, an eraser, and a tortillon. If you’re working on a sketch, don’t worry about the object’s color – just what color you can see in a specific area.

How do you make the color gold with colored pencils?

All you need to make a realistic gold is white, yellow, brown, and black; we can vary these colors by using different browns, different yellows, or different quantities of each to create dull golds, bright golds, or different tones of gold with different lighting u2013 but this is our starting point.

What colors of paint do you mix to make gold?

When making gold with two colors, you’ll need to mix yellow and brown; when doing so, always start with yellow, as adding brown to yellow will go much faster, whereas it may take a lot of yellow paint to overcome brown to make gold.

What color should I mix to make gold?

To make brown, mix red, blue, and yellow paint together, then add brown and white to yellow to make gold.

What color combination makes gold?

To make a deep gold color, mix equal parts black, red, and yellow; after that, adjust the tone by adding yellow, red, blue, or white until you get the color you want.

How do you color metal?

You can color metals with chemicals in two ways: you can dip them in a chemical bath for the most uniform coating, or you can coat them with a brush if the objects are too large to dip or move. Electroplating metals to color them provides a durable coating.

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How do you draw a reflective surface?

Drawing Reflective Objects

  1. 2 OUTLINE THE OBJECT. Next, look to the boundary line around your subject.

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