Readers ask: How To Draw A Tree For Kids?

How to Draw a Tree

This tutorial is designed to show students the structure of a tree and how the branches are random. However, most students, if given the opportunity to draw a tree the way they are used to, will simply draw the trunk and cap it with a cloud shape.

Getting Started with Drawing Guides

Showing students how to use guides as a reference is the best way to get them started with any drawing lesson. Simply fold the sheet of paper in half both ways, make a crease, and unfold; the creases will disappear by the time the drawing is finished and colored in.

New! Coloring Page Gallery

With the red button below, you can now easily download this drawing as a coloring page by opening it as a PDF file, which you can then save to your desktop. It’s never been easier to see and download so many of my coloring pages in one place.

Materials for How to Draw a Tree

Prang Crayons are softer than other crayons, so they sometimes look like oil pastels, and Crayola has some of my favorite golden orange and yellow colors that are a bit richer and warmer.

Directions for How to Draw a Step by Step

Draw one side of the tree and then add the other side. Make the branches into a Y shape. Add random shorter branches, leaf details, a ground line, and clouds. Trace the drawing with a marker and color it.

More Tree Drawing Projects

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How do you draw a simple tree?


  1. Draw one side of the tree.
  2. Add the other side.
  3. Turn it into a Y shape.
  4. Draw two larger branches below.
  5. Draw two more branches below.
  6. Add random shorter branches.
  7. Draw a bumpy tree line around it.

What is the most beautiful tree?

Here are some of the world’s most beautiful trees.

  • Methuselah.
  • General Sherman Sequoia tree.
  • Angel Oak tree.
  • The Trees of Dead Vlei.
  • Dragon blood tree.
  • Pando Tree.
  • Baobab trees in Madagascar.
  • Japanese Maple in Portland, Oregon.

How do you make a tree craft?

Place the paper tube (your tree trunk) on the bottom of your largest tree top shape, overlapping it by three inches or so, and trace the tube’s sides onto the tree top shape. Cut out all three tree top shapes, and cut along the two lines drawn on the largest tree top shape.

What we get from trees?

Oxygen, fruits, vegetables, flowers, nectars, wood, medicines, paper, rubber, cotton, spices, fiber, perfume, manure, cosmetics, and so on are just a few of them.

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