Readers ask: How To Draw A Signature In Word?

How to Add a Handwritten Signature to a Word Document

On both Windows and Mac, you can add a handwritten signature to a document in Microsoft Word, which is useful for letters, creative works, and even legal documents. We’ll show you how to do it with an image or the Draw feature.

Insert an Image of Your Signature in Word

If you already have an image of your signature on your computer, you can quickly and easily insert it, cropping it or adding typed text below it if desired, and applying a picture style or adjusting the brightness and contrast using the Corrections drop-down.

Use the Draw Tool to Sign the Word Document

If you don’t have an image of your signature, you can use Word’s Draw tab to create one. You can resize or move the drawing canvas around the document by dragging the edges of the canvas. If you’re using a Mac, choose Draw with Trackpad.

Bonus: Create a Reusable Signature with Text

If you don’t want to reuse the signature and text you add to a document, you can save it as a separate file, which you can then use in future documents.

Save a Reusable Signature on Windows

Select Quick Parts > Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery from the Insert tab, give it a name you’ll remember, and select AutoText from the Gallery drop-down list. When you’re ready to add your signature and text, place your cursor where you want it in the document.

Save a Reusable Signature on Mac

Place your cursor in the document where you want the signature and text, then click Insert from the menu bar or select AutoText from the pop-up window to add the signature and text.

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Insert Your Handwritten Signature in Word on Windows or Mac

How do you save your signature, as well as the text you add to it?

What is the best signature font in Word?

The best Microsoft Word cursive font will differ depending on personal preference, so it’s difficult to call any one font the “best.” Here are some examples:

  • Segoe Script, Lucida Handwriting, Edwardian Script, and Kunstler Script are all examples of scripts.

How do I create a digital signature in PDF?

In Adobe Reader DC, open the document you want to sign.

  1. Select the option “Tools” (1).
  2. Select the option “Certificates” (2).
  3. Click on the button “Digitally Sign”.
  4. Select the digital certificate that you want to use (1) and click on “Sign” (2).

How can I create a digital signature for free?

Smallpdf is the best free application for creating electronic signatures; it takes less than a minute to upload a document, create your signature, and sign it.

How do I change my signature font in Word?

You can change the font and color, but not the size. To do so correctly, click the Signature field in Form Edit mode, select Properties, and then go to the Appearance tab.

Is there a font that looks like a signature?

Signatura is the font to use if you want a signature that looks handwritten. It’s not only free for personal use, but it’s also free for commercial use.

How do you insert a cursive signature in Word?

To add your signature, right-click the signature line and select Sign. In the Sign dialog box that appears, type your name in the box provided, or choose an image of your handwritten signature if you prefer.

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Can you type your name as a signature?

While typing your name can be considered a legal signature, a business must be able to prove that the person who typed their name actually signed the document; otherwise, a business will be unable to prevent a signer from denying they ever signed a contract, effectively invalidating it in court.

Is there a free signature app?

DocuSign is the big fish in the e-signature app world, with over 200,000 users and a long history as the most popular e-signature solution. It has a solid reputation and is available for Windows, Android, and iOS.

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