Readers ask: How To Draw A Police Car Step By Step?

How to Draw a Police Car

This tutorial demonstrates how to get the car shape in place first, then add the important details later. Every city seems to have their own variations these days, but the large block POLICE letters and flashing light on top seem to be a constant.


Start with the bottom of the car, then add the top, two wheels, and inside hubcaps. Trace with marker and color. Time required: 35 minutes.

How do you draw a easy car?


  1. Draw two wheels.
  2. Add inside circles and a line.
  3. Draw front and back bumpers.
  4. Draw the car body.
  5. Add front and back windows.
  6. Draw two side windows and lights.
  7. Add bumpers around the wheels.

How do you draw a boy?


  1. Draw a large U shape on top.
  2. Add a cap of hair on top.
  3. Draw the face and hair details.
  4. Continue with the neck and shirt.
  5. Add shorts below.
  6. Draw legs and feet under the shorts.
  7. Add simple arms.

How can you be a cop on GTA 5?

After stealing the cop car, go to the Rockstar Editor and select Director Mode, then Actors, then Emergency Services, then LSPD. The game will reload and players will be able to assist the cops in the city as a police officer.

What do police cars look like?

Rooftop flashing lights, a siren, and emblems or markings identifying the vehicle as a police car are all standard features. Some police cars also have reinforced bumpers and alley lights to illuminate darkened alleys.

Does a police car make?

The Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, Dodge Charger, Chevrolet Tahoe, Ford Escape, Ford Taurus, Jeep Cherokee, and Toyota Tacoma are just a few examples.

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