Readers ask: How To Draw A Cool Snake?

How to Draw a Snake

Learn how to draw a snake with two different tutorials that cover two different poses: the first is a 6-step drawing tutorial for a slithering snake, and the second is a 5-step drawing tutorial for a striking snake.

Did you know?

Snakes are reptiles (living creatures) with over 3,000 species worldwide. Snakes have poor eyesight, so they use heat sensors to detect vibrations around them. They smell with their tongues and are carnivores (meat eaters).

Step 1

Consider a squiggly line with an oval shape at the end; take your time to get the shape just right so it resembles the image below.

Step 2

To show the eye socket, draw a wavy line in the middle of the head (see image on the left for a guide on how to draw the human eye).

Step 3

Draw two lines that form the body, following the guide curve we made for the head in step one. Draw two curved lines for the eyes, and two dots for the nostrils at the tip of the nose, as shown on the left.

Step 4

Draw the right side of the body up and around to the point of the tail, stopping at the third body curve, and then continue down to the tail tip, creating a point.

Step 5

To make our forked snake tongue, draw a line down the middle of the nose, then two lines out either side to form a ‘V’ shape. Now let’s do the same thing with the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Step 6

You can now draw lines on the body to create scale patterns, as well as a spiral shape on the tail to transform it into a rattlesnake.

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Step 1

Starting on the left of where the oval shapes intersect, draw an ‘S’ curve, then join the line and ovals to form our general shape.

Step 2

Draw the top and lower jaws using the ovals as a guide, then draw the first body line in an arc halfway down the jaw and out to the left in an arc. Finally, draw the second body line parallel to the ‘S’ line we previously drew.

Step 3

Draw two lines for the inside and outside of the mouth, and a circle in the eye socket at the top of the oval shape for the eye. The second body line begins at the lower jaw and follows the ‘S’ guide line downwards. For more information on how to draw human anatomy, see the reference image.

Step 4

Draw a line or dot for the pupil, a small arc for the eye ridge, and a sharp curved fang just below the eye, followed by a second fang on the right.

Step 5

Feel free to draw your own scales around the body and add your own tongue; we’re now finished.

How do you draw a black mamba?

To begin, draw a small curved shape at the top, with two small loops for the mouth and eye, a small oval near the top for the eye, and a line in the middle for the mouth (the inside of the mouth is black, which is why they are called Black Mambas!).

Why does it always have to be snakes?

(Indiana Jones rolls over as he notices thousands of snakes on the floor.) Snakes…why do they always have to be snakes? Indiana Jones: It’s not the age, it’s the mileage!

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Are sea serpents dragons?

A sea serpent, also known as a sea dragon, is a type of sea monster that appears in various mythologies, including Mesopotamian (Tiamat), Hebrew (Leviathan), Greek (Cetus, Echidna, Hydra, Scylla), and Norse (Ju00f6rmungandr).

Are sea serpents real?

Sea snakes are real animals that can be found in the Indian Ocean and the southern Pacific. The largest can grow to be about nine feet long, which is impressive enough to inspire legends. While some are venomous, they rarely pose a threat to humans.

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