Readers ask: How To Draw A Bee On A Flower?

How to draw a bee – simple semi-realistic style

Draw a simple outline of the bee’s body and add some details to give it wings. A bee has six legs, all attached to the thorax, called “mandibulae.” This is a much more realistic drawing than the simple cartoon version in our bumblebee tutorial.
If you’re drawing a bee from the side, only draw the three legs visible in front of the body. Each leg is made up of four parts: an upside-down “U,” a bent “V,” and a tiny “U” with a hook for the foot. Draw the pollen bag with a bumpy, thin line all around it. Suggest the stripes on the abdomen with small thin lines to suggest the hairy parts.

Is bee an animal?

Yes, bees are animals in the sense that they, like all invertebrates, belong to the Animal Kingdom.

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