Quick Answer: How To Draw Rick And Morty Characters?

How To Draw Rick Sanchez From Rick And Morty

I’m back with another cartoon drawing tutorial, this time for Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty. Rick Sanchez is one of my favorite characters from the show, and this is how you’d draw him.

Step 3

Draw Rick Grimes with a solid eyebrow above both eyes and one pupil in each eye.

Step 4

Draw Rick on the computer, then add a simple curve for his smile and a “C” shaped smile line on each end of his mouth, as well as an ear on each side of his face below his eyes and a line from his nose to his brows to complete his face.

Step 5

Next, draw Rick’s signature spiky hair around his head, with larger spikes at the top and smaller ones at the bottom.

Step 6

Draw a large oval around his head, as well as a thin line from his neck to his waist and behind his ears.

Step 7

In your mind’s eye, draw Rick Grimes holding his portal gun, then draw Rick’s long, thin arms to show that this is the man who will become The Wolf Man, the new Lord of the Rings villain.

Step 8

At the end of Rick’s arm, draw a small oval shape that will serve as an outline for his hand when he reaches out and touches someone.

Step 9

Draw Rick’s square-shaped portal gun and aim for the person standing in front of you, with the handle resting in the center of his hand.

Step 10

Draw Rick’s five fingers wrapping around the handle of his portal gun using the outline of his hands, then close your eyes and imagine him standing in front of a wall of glass with his back to the viewer and his hands moving clockwise.

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Step 11

Draw the lapels of his lab coat as shown in the image below to complete the look.

Step 12

Click here to see my tutorial on how to draw Rick Sanchez. Color Rick’s shirt a light teal, and his hair and eyebrows a light blue. Rick Sanchez is finished! I hope you enjoyed drawing him!

How do you draw a Rik?

Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty: How To Draw

  1. To draw Rick, start by drawing a large oval shape for his head, with two lines dividing it in half vertically and horizontally.
  2. Next, draw two large circles for Rick’s eyes, and a small “U” shape for Rick’s nose on the center line.

How do you turn yourself into a Rick and Morty cartoon?

Adult Swim’s “Rick Yourself” website allows you to create customized Rick and Morty characters, including an animated avatar of yourself in which you can choose to be a human, one of the show’s many alien species, or a robot.

Is Rick and Morty hand drawn?

Viewers will learn why this Rick and Morty season is the most technically ambitious yet, with special hand-drawn segments, an epic “Game of Thrones”-style battle scene involving hundreds of characters, special 3D models, and more!

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