Quick Answer: How To Draw On A Graphing Calculator?

How to Draw Pictures on a Graphing Calculator

The level of your imagination and your ability to graph pictures are the keys to creating pictures on your graphing calculator; even if you aren’t a pro, you can still make a simple picture with your TI-83 or TI-83 Plus.

How do you clear a drawing on a TI-84?

To remove one or more points from a drawing or graph, press to bring up the Draw Points menu and select Pt-Off, then move the cursor to the point you want to remove and press [ENTER].

What calculator can you draw on?

The TI-84 calculator is an advanced machine commonly used in both classrooms and workrooms for doing high-level computations. It can be used to play games, solve math problems, and draw pictures.

How do you make a smiley face on a TI 84 Plus?

On a TI 84, how do you make a smiley face?

  1. Move the cursor down to the menu item labeled “A:Pen,” then press “Enter.” This activates the free-form drawing tool and opens the graph window where you can make free-form drawings.

Can you upload pictures to a TI 84 Plus CE?

Open the TI ConnectTM CE software and send a background image to display in the graph area of the TI-84 Plus CE. Note: This information also applies to the TI-84 Plus CE-T, TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, and TI-83 Premium CE.

How do you make a face on a graphing calculator?

To get to the function input menu, press the “Y=” key, which is where you’ll type the circle equations to make the smiley face on your graphing calculator.

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What is pen on a calculator?

Sometimes a student will bring me a Sharp calculator and say, “It’s not working… there’s that ‘P’ on the screen.” Other times, the screen will say ‘PEN,’ and you’ll end up in PEN mode if 2ndF is accidentally pressed with =.

How do you draw on a TI-83?

On a TI-83 Plus graph, draw lines and line segments.

  1. Graph the functions, parametric equations, polar equations, or sequences.
  2. Press [2nd][PRGM][2] to select the Line option from the Draw menu.
  3. Use the.

How do you graph two lines on a TI 83 Plus?

How to Use the TI-83 Plus to Graph Several Functions

  1. Press [Y=] to open the Y= editor.
  2. Use the. keys to move the cursor to the icon at the far left of the function definition.
  3. Press [ENTER] repeatedly until you get the desired graph style (you have seven options).

How do you graph a table on a TI 84 Plus?

Use the arrow keys to move the cursor to Full in the bottom-left corner of the Mode menu, then press [ENTER] to highlight it. Press [GRAPH] to see the graph, or [2nd][GRAPH] to see the table.

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