Quick Answer: How To Draw A Cup Of Hot Chocolate?

How to Draw Hot Chocolate

Chocolate drinks arrived in Europe after the “discovery” of the New World, with a cup of hot chocolate costing the equivalent of 60 British pounds or 80 US dollars in a cafe.

​Step by Step Instructions for Drawing​ Hot Chocolate

Draw an oval, then a curved line inside and outside the cup. Use a drawn line to enclose an oval shape at the bottom of the cup. Then, draw short curved lines beneath each marshmallow to indicate ripples in the liquid. Draw two “C” shaped curved lines, parallel to one another, for the handle.

Is chocolate a sweet?

Sugar confectionery refers to any sweet confection, such as chocolate, chewing gum, and sugar candy; candied vegetables, fruit, or nuts are glazed and sugar-coated vegetables, fruit, or nuts. Each culture has its own definition of what constitutes candy rather than dessert.

What is hot drawing process?

Drawing is a metalworking process that uses tensile forces to stretch (elongate) metal, glass, or plastic. As the metal is drawn (pulled), it stretches to become thinner, achieving the desired shape and thickness. Cold drawing begins with a suitable size of hot-rolled stock.

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