Quick Answer: How To Draw A Closed Eye From The Side?

Video Tutorial

The goal of the video is to quickly and easily demonstrate the steps and techniques; if you have time, please leave a comment on what you think I should have done differently.

Step 4: Draw the Eye Shapes

Allow your lines to gradually become lighter rather than having a hard edge when drawing this crease.

Step 5: Draw the Shape for Each Eyebrow

I like to draw my eyebrows just above the circles and slightly wider than each eye; in the video, I demonstrate a technique for matching the eyebrows as well as where to draw an arc; we’ll go over the eyebrows in more detail later in the series.

Step 6: Shading

Step 2: Check that the areas you drew are only slightly visible, then erase what’s left of each circle with an eraser to make room for details like under-eye circles.

Step 8: Draw the Eyebrows

Step 2: To make the hairs look more realistic, lift your pencil up at the end of each stroke. Step 3: If it still looks bare or if it’s too close to bare, add some hairs down the middle.

Step 9: Add Wrinkles to Eyelids

Draw two creases along the edge of each eyelid with an H pencil and the lightest amount of pressure; the darker the creases, the deeper they will appear. Draw a row of curved diagonal lines along the edge of each eyelid. Go over areas of each wrinkle that are facing the light with a kneaded eraser.

Step 10: Draw the Eyelashes

This is the first time I’ve done a written tutorial video tutorial, and I’d like to hear what you think! Do you like videos in addition to my usual stuff? Your feedback is always welcome, and it will help me improve the tutorials even more.

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How do you draw consistent eyes?

To begin, draw one eye and measure its width; remember that there is one eye spacing in the middle of the head between the two eyes, so add a space equal to the first eye and then begin to draw the second eye using the same width.

How do you make your character look mad?

How to Draw an Emotional Angry Face

  1. Draw the Eyebrow!
  2. Take photos of yourself or a friend.
  3. Tilting the Eyebrow helps a LOT when trying to convey angry emotions.
  4. It’s the difference between being angry and being furious.

How do you paint your eyes to look at you?

Paint a skin tone that isn’t too light or dark across the surface before dabbing color inside the eye. Next, mix a slightly darker shade and apply it to the crease above the eye. Finally, add highlights to the lid below the crease and blend it with the shadow.

Why do I draw eyes so much?

Doodling eyes can reveal a person’s inner personality: large eyes indicate an outgoing personality, staring eyes indicate a feeling of being watched, and closing eyes could indicate a refusal to look within.

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