Quick Answer: How To Draw A Circle With A Compass?

How to Construct a Circle With a Compass – Video & Lesson Transcript

A compass is a metal instrument with two adjustable arms, one with a pointed metal tip and the other with a small mounted pencil, that can be used to draw circles or arcs. Some compasses have controls for locking the width of the arms and the height of the pencil tip.

Constructing a Circle

Determine the radius – it may be a measurement or a distance between other points on the drawing. Tighten the grips on the pencil and compass point, as well as the hinge at the top.

Example 1

To unlock this lesson, you must be a Study.com member. Use the distance on the drawing to set your compass width.

How do you draw a circle with a ruler and a compass?

Step 1: Open the compass and use a ruler to measure the length of 5 units. Step 2: Mark a point O, which will serve as the circle’s center. Step 3: Place the pointer on this point, point O. Step 4: Turn the compass and drag the pencil around the center to complete the circle.

How can I make a compass at home?

Let’s make a compass together.

  1. Fill the bowl halfway with water and float the u201ccompassu201d on the surface.
  2. Place the entire u201ccompassu201d on a flat surface and watch the needle try to align itself with the magnetic fields.

How do we name a circle?

A circle is named after its center, so the circle to the right is called circle A because its center is at point A. Real-world examples of circles include a wheel, a dinner plate, and (the surface of) a coin. The diameter is the distance across a circle through the center.

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How do you draw a radius of 3 circles?

Step 1: Using a compass, draw a circle with a center of O and a radius of 3 cm.

  1. Step 2: Draw a secant through the center.
  2. Step 3: Place the compass on P and draw two arcs on opposite sides of OP.

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