Quick Answer: How To Draw A Bridge Over A River?

How to Draw a Bridge

The oldest arch bridge still in use dates from the thirteenth century B.C. in Greece, and it spans a physical obstacle, such as a body of water, without closing the way underneath. Some bridges are recognizable landmarks, while others are meant to entertain tourists.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Bridge

Draw the first post for the bridge’s railing, erasing as needed. Outline the posts with straight, parallel lines, and connect them at the top with a circle. Draw a set of curved parallel lines between the posts, forming the handrail. This gives the bridge a three-dimensional appearance.

What is the symbol of bridge?

Because the bridge is inherently symbolic of communication and union, whether between heaven and earth or between two distinct realms, it can be viewed as a link between God and Man, as well as a passage to reality or simply a symbol for travel and crossing.

How do you draw a Golden bridge?


  1. Start with two slight arches for the base.
  2. Draw two vertical posts as shown.
  3. Add horizontal lines, Xs, and a base.
  4. Draw two smaller vertical posts.
  5. Draw horizontal lines, Xs, and a base.
  6. Draw cable lines draped on top.

When a bridge drawing is made on paper it is done using?

Line up two pieces of paper end to end, slightly overlapping the short edges (by about a quarter of an inch), and use long strips of Scotch tape to bind the pieces of paper together on both sides, forming one “bridge.”

What is the main purpose of having a bridge?

The purpose of a bridge is to provide a route that would otherwise be uneven or impossible for people or cargo to pass over an obstacle.

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How old is the arch bridge?

The stone corbel arch bridge of the Mycenaean Arkadiko Bridge in Greece, which dates from around 1300 BC and is still used by the local populace, is possibly the oldest existing arch bridge. The well-preserved Hellenistic Eleutherna Bridge has a triangular corbel arch. The 4th century BC Rhodes Footbridge rests on an early voussoir arch.

How do you draw ideas?

Ideas for Drawing: Imagination

  1. Create an alternate cover for your favorite book or album.
  2. Illustrate a scene from your favorite song.
  3. Draw a scene or character from your favorite book.
  4. Illustrate your favorite fairy-tale.
  5. Invent your own insects.

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