Quick Answer: How To Draw A Angel Wings Step By Step?

How to Draw Angel Wings – A Step by Step Guide

Angels are known to be guardians, provide comfort, and are often associated with holidays such as Christmas in various cultures, religions, and myths around the world. Angels have also been richly represented in various art forms, from classic Renaissance paintings to portrayals in film and literature.

Step 1

The first step in learning how to draw angel wings is to sketch out the outline of the wings using a reference image. Imagine them as large dove wings or curved, rounded lines with sharp points at the end.

Step 2 – Draw some feathers for your angel wings drawing

The next step is to add some feathers to your angel wings drawing; feathers always make wings look better and more effective. When drawing the feathers of the two wings, try to keep them as symmetrical as possible; the feathers will curve sharply back into the interior of the wings, as shown in the reference image.

Step 3 – Now, continue adding feathers to the wings

Step 1: Using curved lines, draw two feathers on each wing, leaving only a small gap at the bottom, which we will fill in later.

Step 4 – Add the final feathers to the wings

Fill in the gap at the bottom of the angel wings drawing; once you’ve filled in all of the feathers, you’re ready to add the final details! Simply draw two more curved lines to add the final rows of flowers.

Step 5 – Now, you can draw the final feathery details

In this tutorial on how to draw angel wings, we’ll go over the final step of adding details to the inside of the wings: draw a curved line inside the wing interiors, then add some small, curvy lines underneath for a more feathery effect.

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Step 6 – Finish off your angel wings drawing with some color

Now that you’ve finished your angel wings, you can relax and enjoy some coloring fun! Keep in mind that choosing colors is only half of the fun; you can also create amazing looks and styles for your drawing by combining different art mediums, and if you’re feeling extra crafty, you could even add some gold glitter.

Your Angel Wings Drawing is Complete!

We’ve shown you how to draw angel wings; now it’s your turn to show us your creativity! You could do this with anything from a lovely background to drawing a body for the angel, as suggested earlier. Visit our website to see all of the awesome step-by-step drawing guides we have for you!

How do you detail angel wings?

Draw short, curved lines to indicate the presence of feathers at the base and lower edge of each flight feather. Extend a curved line from the top of the wing to the bottom of the concave edge. Within this space, draw short, curved lines to indicate the presence of feathers.

How do you make angel wings out of cardboard?

Making the wings: large sheet of cardboard (to tape two together at the center of the wings)

  1. Fold your large sheet of cardboard in half and trace one side of the wing onto it.
  2. Cut out the other side of the wings using the other side of your folded cardboard.

Can I grow wings?

Genes are like little instruction booklets inside our bodies that determine how we grow and what our bodies can do. We can’t change what our genes do, so one of the main reasons humans can’t grow wings is that our genes only allow us to grow arms and legs.

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