Quick Answer: How Hard Is It To Draw A 70 Lb Bow?

How Hard is it to Draw a 70 lb Bow?

Although a 70-pound draw weight is difficult to draw, most grown adults with a strong build can do so with proper form. Never pull a string back unless you are confident that you will be able to hold it, and always nock an arrow when pulling a bow back.

How to Draw a 70 lbs bow

Most newer archers make the mistake of attempting to draw a bow back with their shoulder, despite the fact that our back muscles are much stronger than our shoulders, and a well-placed arrow on a 50 pound bow is far more impressive than a poorly placed shot on a 70 pound bow.

How to Increase Your Draw Weight

One of the most commonly overlooked ways to increase your draw weight is to draw the bow with your back muscles rather than your shoulder. Here are some exercises to help you pull 70 pounds more each time you go to the archer’s archery range.

Incline Dumb Bell Row

The Incline Dumbbell Row is a full back workout that will increase your draw weight or at the very least make you less fatigued when firing off 100s of shots. Start light and gradually increase the weight as you get the motion down.

Seated Rope Face Pulls

If you do these workouts twice a week, you’ll be able to increase your draw weight by 5-10 lb with proper form in a few months, and they’ll also work out your biceps, which will be a great addition to your overall physic.

Final Thoughts

Many people can achieve a 70 pound draw weight with proper form and basic workouts; however, accuracy is more important than bow poundage; if you can hit the target in the right spot with a 40 pound draw weight bow, you’ll be fine.

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Is a 70 pound bow good?

Remember that a bow with a maximum draw weight of 70 or even 60 pounds is a lot for the average person to pull back smoothly, especially in cold weather and when sitting.

How hard is it to pull back a 40 pound bow?

All bows, whether recurve or compound, are rated based on draw weight, which is measured in pounds (lbs). For example, a 40 lb recurve bow requires 40 lbs of force to pull back the string 28 inches.

What is the heaviest draw weight on a bow?

Mark Stretton (UK) achieved the heaviest longbow draw weight of 90 kg (200 lb) on 15 August 2004 at the shooting grounds of The Bath Archers in Somerset, UK, with a bow made by Bickerstaffe Bows (UK) and backed with hickory.

How powerful is a 60 pound bow?

60 pounds is plenty to pass through any whitetail at 40-50 yards, and they are much more comfortable to draw and shoot at that weight, as well as quieter and less vibration.

Is a 50lb bow too much?

Archers shooting takedown recurves or longbows can usually get lighter limbs to drop some draw weight, but those shooting one-piece recurves or longbows will have to switch bows.

What draw weight do Olympic archers use?

Bow: Recurve bows with a draw weight of around 48.5 pounds for men and 33 pounds for women are used in Olympic archery.

Does a bow shoot better maxed out?

Cams and limbs are most efficient when the longest draw length module is maxed out; for example, a 50# bow set at 50# is more efficient than a 60# bow set at 50#.

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What does 5 whistles mean in archery?


Is a 60 lb bow enough for deer?

Anything above 40 lbs is fine for whitetail deer hunting, but at least 60-65 lbs of draw weight is recommended for larger game like elk or moose. A general rule of thumb is that a shooter should be able to shoot a bow about 30 times in a row without becoming fatigued.

What was the draw weight of Native American bows?

Some men would even go so far as to glue rattlesnake skins on top of the sinew backing to protect it from the elements.

What is the most powerful bow?

What are the most powerful bows in the world?

  1. The Mongololian recurve bow helped build an empire.
  2. The Scythian bow was deadly for its time.
  3. The Turkish bow helped build the Ottoman Empire.
  4. The Japanese Yumi bow was another deadly bow in history.

Is a heavier bow better?

The more stress on the muscular systems of your arms and body, the heavier the bow; many may argue that a heavy bow is better, but none of them can pass this test.

How far can a 70 lb recurve bow shoot?

A good archer should be able to shoot beyond 1000 feet (333.333 yards) with a 70lbs bow, which is the heaviest draw weight available. In calm weather conditions, with a decent pull length and light arrows, a good archer should be able to shoot beyond 1000 feet (333.333 yards) with a 70lbs bow.

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How far can a 60 pound bow shoot?

Most compound bow-wielding hunters have an effective range of 30 to 60 yards, with the majority staying in the 30 to 40-yard range; a hunter who can take down any kind of game at even 60 yards is either extremely skilled or extremely lucky.

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