Question: How To Draw Shoes From The Side?


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The 2 stages to draw shoes the right way

In this video, I’ll show you three important drawing tips for drawing shoes, and if you want more drawing tutorials, I did a live drawing demo for students in Madrid.

“Higher the heel, shorter the shoe length”

In this video, I show you how to avoid two common mistakes that our brain likes to trap us in when we first draw a shoe: we often draw what’s in our heads instead of what’s in reality. Of course, I’ll also show you how to solve these common childhood questions.

“Draw the tail for 3D contour lines”

When drawing the side view, a lot of people mistake a sketch for a 3D, but perspective still applies. Draw the tail when drawing your contour lines – this makes the whole drawing look more natural and impactful.

“Visualize and draw with The shoemaker contour lines”

We usually use contour lines like 3D software to draw shoes, but we use a different logic. It’s the same logic that shoemakers use to create their designs. I was inspired to create this method while working in a shoe factory. Creating a shoe last template allows you to get an easy shoe drawing method.

How do you draw sketch shoes?

How to make a sneaker drawing.

  1. Draw a set of planes for the shoe’s framework.
  2. Draw frames to guide your outline.
  3. Fill in the shoe’s outline.
  4. Trace over your sketch with a pen.
  5. Add details.
  6. Draw the laces.
  7. Color your shoe.
  8. Airbrush to add dimension.
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What to use to draw on shoes?

Markers are one of the simplest permanent tools for drawing on shoes; make sure to use alcohol-based markers rather than water-based markers because the ink dries much faster. Water-based pens take a long time to dry on paper, so imagine how long they’ll take on fabric.

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