Question: How To Draw Flip Flops Easy Step By Step?

How To Paint Flip-Flops On The Shore

You’ll learn how to paint two pairs of adorable flip-flops on a beach lightly covered in sea foam in this beginner painting tutorial, which is perfect for the summer.

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In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to print and trace a flip-flop template, which you can customize with your own fun summery designs and colors.


I recommend printing this on standard size computer paper, tracing it with a black pen on the other side, and then cutting it out to use as a template. Download it for free from the PDF traceable library.

1. Draw the shoreline & trace the flip-flop templates

Step 2: Trace the template so that you have two pairs with the shoreline slightly overlapping.

2. Paint the water & sand

Paint a wavy diagonal line above the shoreline with a 3/4u2033 flat brush and bright aqua green. Mix burnt umber and unbleached titanium and make your strokes go around the flip flops so your strokes contour the shape, which helps to create the impression of wet sand on the shore.

3. Paint Shadows Under The Flip-Flops and Shoreline

Paint a line along the shoreline with a #4 round brush and a darker shade of the sand color, watering down the dark brown a little with water so that it “flows.” Paint the same brown line on the left sides of the flip flops to represent their shadows.

4. Paint the flip-flops

Before moving on to the next step, take a break or use a hair dryer to make sure your painting is completely dry.

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5. Paint the designs

On my palette, I mixed phthalo blue and bright aqua green for the chevron pattern, and I used the back of my paint brush to stamp titanium white dots on the primary red flip-flops for the polka dots.

6. Paint the plastic tops of the flip-flops

I painted the plastic parts of the right and left flip-flops phthalo blue and deep violet, then used my #4 round brush dipped in titanium white to paint the highlights on the plastic parts. I didn’t wait for the blue and purple to dry before painting the highlights.

7. Paint the plumeria

I used a #4 round brush and the following colors: titanium white, primary yellow, primary red, and deep violet. For more information on how to paint a plumeria, see the infographic.

8. Paint the sea foam

Paint the sea foam with a 3/4u2033 flat brush and titanium white, watered down to an ink consistency. Paint loose wavy lines around the plumerias, then paint the area of the sea between the aqua and the shore line.

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