Question: How To Draw Ariel The Little Mermaid?

How To Draw Ariel The Little Mermaid Step By Step

Ariel is one of the most famous Disney princesses, and she remains a classic! So get your pencils ready, and let’s take a step-by-step look at how to draw this iconic character from Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

Step 2

To make Ariel’s head solid, erase the lines between the circle and triangle you drew in the previous step and draw a small neck that continues from below her jaw, as well as two lines that extend from her neck to give her shoulders.

Step 4

Each arm should taper to a point at the end that will serve as her wrist.

Step 5

We’ll draw Ariel’s hands with their palms facing upwards rather than pointing towards the viewer to keep the delicate feel of her hands.

Step 6

In the image below, draw Ariel’s hand and the two fins that sit on either side of her hips.

Step 8

Draw a picture of Ariel with her hair divided into two sections: a chunk of hair that sits at the front of her head and swoops to the left, covering about a third of the total length of Ariel’s head; and a chunk of hair that sits at the back of her head and swoops to the left, covering about a third of the total length of Ariel’s head.

Step 9

Half of Ariel’s hair will be drawn as a single solid piece of hair behind her body, flowing down to her hips and slightly to the right. Adding plenty of waves to her hair will keep the illusion that she is floating in water.

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Step 11

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning how to draw Ariel with me; all that’s left to do now is add a small smiling mouth and a few lines running down the fins in her tail.

How many drawings are in the Little Mermaid?

This was the final Disney animated film to use hand-painted cels and analog camera and film work, with 1,000 different colors used on 1,100 different backgrounds and a total of over one million drawings.

What age did Ariel have a baby?

Princess Melody is Princess Ariel’s 12-year-old tomboy daughter and the main protagonist of The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea.

Is the little mermaid coming out in 2021?

In early July 2021, lead actress Halle Bailey announced that production on Disney’s latest reimagining had wrapped, sharing a first look at her as Ariel in The Little Mermaid to celebrate.

How old is the Little Mermaid husband?

Eric, eighteen, is out on the sea with his man-servant Grimsby and a crew of sailors, enjoying another day at sea. Eric overhears sailors talking about King Triton, ruler of the merpeople, which piques his interest, but Grimsby dismisses it as nonsense.

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