Question: How To Draw A Cute Ice Cream?

How To Draw Cute Ice Creams – Apps on Google Play

How to Draw Cute Ice Creams is a simple app that teaches you how to draw ice cream characters and friends in a fun and easy way. It includes a variety of easy drawing lessons for kids and adults, ranging from beginner to expert, and it’s completely free and works without an internet connection (offline).

What should you draw when your bored?

When you’re bored, the easiest things to draw are

  • Scary Funny Ghost. Don’t tell me you’re afraid of ghosts!
  • Stick Figures.
  • Nature Scene.
  • Patterns And Structures.
  • Cute Aliens.

How do you draw a boy?


  1. Draw a large U shape on top.
  2. Add a cap of hair on top.
  3. Draw the face and hair details.
  4. Continue with the neck and shirt.
  5. Add shorts below.
  6. Draw legs and feet under the shorts.
  7. Add simple arms.

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