Question: How To Change The Draw Length On A Compound Bow?

Dialing in Your Draw Length

A bow that fits properly is essential for good shooting form and accuracy; draw length determines the length of your arrows and can even affect the spine of the arrow you’re using; an inch too short or too long can cause issues ranging from decreased accuracy to injury.

Determining Your Bow’s Draw Length

The draw length of a compound bow is the distance you pull back the string for comfortable and proper shooting form. Compound bows have a mechanical stop that is set to a specific draw length, but it’s always a good idea to measure just to be sure.

Determining Your Draw Length

If your bow arm elbow is bent at full draw, you may need a slightly longer draw length; if it is hyperextended, you will most likely need a shorter draw length. Your string should rest between the corner of your mouth and the tip of your nose at the correct length.

Adjusting the Bow

Can your draw length change?

Unless you’re growing or have an injury, your draw length will remain constant, and it may even be the same from one bow to the next.

What is the longest draw length on a compound bow?

The longest draw I’ve ever set up a bow for was 35 inches, the guy was about 6 feet 8 inches tall and his arms span measured 85 inches relaxed, the bow was a Martin 44-XRG Ultra sonic maxed out, and the weight was 80 pounds, according to bobbyg.

How do I measure my bow draw length?

To determine your draw length, stand with your back to a wall and stretch your arms out against the wall, measuring the distance between the tips of your middle fingers to the tips of your other middle fingers, or the length of both arms, hands, and chest. Subtract 15 from this measurement and divide by two to get your draw length.

How do I know my bow draw weight?

Use a weight scale to pull the bowstring to the correct position, then lower the weight by a few pounds if it feels difficult to pull back and hold. Aim to use the highest weight that feels comfortable to you.

How do I change the draw weight on my bow?

Take your compound bow to an archery shop to have the draw weight adjusted. A bow technician will evenly tighten the limb bolts and check the draw weight. One full turn of the limb bolts changes the draw weight by about two pounds. Increase your draw weight a few pounds at a time to avoid injury.

What if my draw length is too long?

Shorter draw length affects your body position because our elbow has to bend to compensate for the shorter draw length. Longer draw length forces our bow arm to overextend when we shoot, which messes up our anchor point and degrades our accuracy.

Does a release add to draw length?

Releases and D-loops have no bearing on draw length; they will change your anchor point but not your bow’s draw length.

How important is draw length?

Draw length is important regardless of the type of bow you use because it determines the length and size of your arrows as well as the size of your bow. It is especially important for compound shooters because compound bows have set draw lengths.

Does a shorter draw length affect arrow speed?

For the same maximum draw weight, you must go to a longer and stiffer arrow as you lengthen your draw. With more potential energy in the drawn bow, there will be more kinetic energy in the released arrow u2013 more arrow speed.

Does draw length affect FPS?

When you shorten your draw length by an inch, you lose about 10 fps of arrow speed; on similar bows rated over 335 fps, the loss is closer to 10 to 12 fps.” 3. When you add five grains of arrow weight, you lose 1-1.5 fps of arrow speed.

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