Often asked: How To Draw Marshmello (fortnite)?

What is Marshmellos real name?

Comstock, Christopher

How do you draw a boy?


  1. Draw a large U shape on top.
  2. Add a cap of hair on top.
  3. Draw the face and hair details.
  4. Continue with the neck and shirt.
  5. Add shorts below.
  6. Draw legs and feet under the shorts.
  7. Add simple arms.

Is DJ Marshmello Shawn Mendes?

Marshmello surprised everyone on stage by removing his marshmallow head and revealing himself to be Shawn, according to a Forbes report from 2017. Of course, the real-life Marshmello is reportedly DJ Chris Comstock aka Dotcom, according to a Forbes report from 2017.

Does Marshmello have a kid?

Marshmello’s identity is kept hidden, despite the fact that he is said to be childless.

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