Often asked: How To Draw Chip From Beauty And The Beast?

Learn How To Draw Chip From Disney’s Beauty and The Beast

In honor of Mother’s Day, Disney Show Artist Stephen Ketchum has taken the time to teach us how to draw Chip, the son of Mrs. Potts, who guides her young son as he watches Belle and the Beast in the film.

Is Chip from Beauty and the Beast a boy?

Chip is a seven-year-old boy who works in the castle kitchens with Mrs. Potts. When Mrs. Potts was transformed into a teapot, Chip was similarly transformed into a teacup. At the end of the film, Chip is magically restored to his human form after Belle and the Beast fell in love.

Who is Lumiere’s girlfriend?

Fifi is Lumiere’s girlfriend and a supporting character in Disney’s 1991 animated feature film Beauty and the Beast, where she is one of the castle’s maids who, along with the other maids, was turned into a feather duster during the Enchantress’ spell.

What happens when the rose dies in Beauty and the Beast?

The rose can be seen in the background for the rest of the movie, and it is seen one last time as the Beast dies after being stabbed by Gaston, and Belle tearfully professes her love for him mere seconds before the final petal falls, and they live happily ever after.

How do you draw a easy and beautiful Rose?


  1. Draw the large right petal.
  2. Add the left petal behind the right.
  3. Draw the tops of two more petals.
  4. Draw the stem below the petals.
  5. Start the left leaves with the stem.
  6. Draw the leaves at each end.

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